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How Do We Teach?

Our online course on speed reading and Understanding are working entirely over the web. Tens of exercise tools and thousands of speed-reading texts are avaible in our course. According to your age and education groups it contributes your education process and also teaches speed-reading and comprehension by using the articles specially designed for you.

Online Smart Education

Our online speed reading and Education Platform acts as a digital teacher. All exercises are adjusted according to your current level of the speed-reading, it is implemented by focusing on from current level to a high level. If you have a need for improvement at any level you can not move to a higher level.

Measurable Development

Your exercises on takistoskop, grouping, speed reading and comprehension in our educational platform is is constantly recorded in central database. Unlike other speed reading courses and programs, we teach you the speed-reading not by yourself but level by level within a program. You can follow yourself instantaneously on the level of development table.

Special Reading Texts

The education in classical speed-reading program is done for everyone with the same and fixed texts; but this is a great wrong. Their ability to vocabulary and perception of elementary school students with college students is not the same. There are special educational program appropriate to your age and education level in our educational platform.

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What is our difference?

The main features that distinguishes us from other programs and courses;

The using words and texts appropriate to Person's age and education level.

The following the student level of instant speed-reading in exercises.

Student orientation of the system as an inteligent digital teacher.

Due to its web-based, it can work any where that internet is on.

The program's simple interface can be used freely by anyone

Guarantee of teaching speed-reading.

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