Everything about speed reading.

Ebiron Information and Communication Technologies

Ebiron Informatics founded in 2001, is a web design and software company. Our specialty are the web software.

‘Ebiron Information and Communication Technologies’ is among the leading web software companies of Turkey with tens of software projects own itself and hundreds of websites as well as hizlioku.web.tr, KiraciTakip.com, Tekaye.com, eKomur.com, anosis.web.tr, Arge27.com.

The center of our company is in Gaziantep(TURKEY); and also we have a department Office and tens of employees serving in İstanbul.

Our mission is to produce useful projects...

With e-fastread.com you with web applications we present you the followings:

  • Indeed, it is easy to use,
  • indeed, The program that does the best work.
  • Indeed, the program teaches speed reading.
  • Indeed, the program is the cheapest in the market.
  • Indeed, without ever paying a secret program.
  • Indeed, the programs receiving no money for updates.

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Contact information

Adress: İncilipınar Mah. Muammer Aksoy Bulvarı Cazibe İş Merk. Kat:7 No:704
Şehitkamil / Gaziantep

E-Mail:: info@fastread.org