Online Speed Reading course
Dyslexia group

Dyslexia group

You can do the exercises of speed-reading and comprehension by participating 28-days special education groups we have prepared for students with dyslexia.

In our Education Platform specific texts and words students with dyslexia will understand easily are used.

Education level For Dyslexia Patients

Education Time 28 Days / daily 40 minutes

Education pay 99 $

If you want to join to this education group in the 28-day online course, you can fill out the form immediately, register and join.

Contents of the Training Programme

  • 60-Day membership of education platform.
  • During the 60 days usage of our education platform at any time you want.
  • Language learning platform, where for 60 days access (in home,in school vs...)
  • Exercises of takistoskop improving eye detection skills.
  • Exercises of takistoskop improving eye detection skills.
  • Eye exercises developing visual areas.
  • Dyslexia Exercises.
  • Speed Reading and Comprehension Exercises.
  • Developer Eyes and Memory Exercises.

Gains at the end of education.

  • Your ratio of reading speed will be raised at least betwen 2 and 6 times.
  • You will read text faster by understanding.
  • Attention and concentration level will increase.
  • Eye muscles will develop.
  • You will develop visual field.
  • Dyslexia will decrease.
  • Your memory will improve.
  • Your vocabulary will increase.

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