Online Speed Reading course
Primary school student group

Speed reading and comprehension course for primary school students.

Your children can read faster with this group we have prepared for Primary school 2-3-4. Their slow reading problems will disappear.

Very special texts and words primary school students will understand very easily are prepared in our educational platform. Very special texts have been selected for primary school students from the Works recommended by Ministry of Education .

Nowadays the most important problems being faced our children's educational life is carelessness and inability enough to understand what they read. In particular, if you think that your child gets success under your child's performance, training on reading, understanding, and an attention will solve this problem.

Education level For Primary School Students

Education Time 28 Days / daily 40 minutes

Education pay 69 $

If you want your child to participate in this training group to fill out the form, you can register your child immediately and you can participate in our online course.

Contents of the Training Programme

  • 60-Day membership of education platform.
  • During the 60 days usage of our education platform at any time you want.
  • Language learning platform, where for 60 days access (in home,in school vs...)
  • primary school students can understand texts and word dictionary.
  • Exercises of takistoskop improving eye detection skills.
  • Eye exercises developing visual areas.
  • Dyslexia Exercises.
  • Speed ​​Reading and Comprehension Exercises.
  • Developer Eyes and Memory Exercises.

you child's achievements at the end of ecocation

  • Ratio of reading speed will be raised at least between 2 and 6 times.
  • Slow reading problems will end
  • You will read text faster by understanding.
  • Attention and concentration level will increase.
  • Eye muscles will develop.
  • You will develop visual field.
  • Dyslexia will decrease.
  • Your memory will improve.
  • Your vocabulary will increase.

If your answer to the following questionsis yes, you should enable your child to get a speed-reading education.

  • Do you want your child to be succesfull by reading fast ?
  • Is your child reading slowly?
  • Does she or he find it hard to understand what she or he reads?
  • Do you know “that your child reads the questions fast by understanding them makes her/his success increase at least 50%” ?
  • The reading more 2 times faster means 100% savings!


  • Improving the reading skills of your children will allow to improve not only in school life, but also social life.
  • Gaining Careful and fast reading habits at a young age makes the pleasure of reading book increase. Therefore, the reading speed of children whose attention has increased also increases and also the number of objects he or she sees on environment increases.
  • By learning effective to read and finding answers of Who, What, Where, When, How, Why questions in a shortest time as soon as possible in reading material they will find cause-and-effect relationship in a short time with the increase of awareness of reading outside of school.
  • What the effective is is to what extent the children are able to apply these skills in real-life conditions and reading skills as well as the education they get in their future.
  • With Learning the techniques of speed reading carefully and understanding, The complex reading materials encountered in everyday life are becoming more meaningful.

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