Online Speed Reading and Understanding
What is the difference between speed reading programs, other courses and us?

What is Our difference?

Our online course on Speed Reading and Comprehension is more different in many ways than conventional fast learning education.

Instant Level Control and Upgrade System

The main feature that distinguishes us from other programs is to develop the students according to the data obtained from the exercise tools (takistoskop, grouping, speed reading, etc. ..) during education.

When students begin to use a tool, instant data is transferred to the central database system. If students want to Upgrade level, they can connect a private level detection robot prepared for that tool by clicking Level Upgrade link. The level of students who have answered the questions sufficiently the robot would ask is upgraded to an upper level.

It can be seen instantaneously with Advanced reporting system on which date, in which takistoskop education and in which level the students are.

Digital Teacher

Our program is actually designed to teach you to read fast. It makes you prepare to read fast step by step, educates and develops you. It tests what you've learned with interactive tools and decides what to do. If you provide sufficent success to pass an exercise, it educates you continously for speed and the level of success.

Personalized Education

Standard texts are used for everyone in classical speed-reading courses and programs. The vocabulary, eyesight, the capacity to understand of 10 year old- boy and 20 year-old college student are not same; therefore the education should be given to them should not be same. Our program has many different features from other programs with this feature.

In our program, according to the student's age and education, there are special texts. Especially for students at the elementary and secondary school level these texts contribute to both the speed-reading education and school studies by using 100 Basic Author series.

Additionally, the overall level students can use the program without getting bored by selecting anyone from hundreds of texts categorized in the library of the text.

Comprehension Level Measurement

If you do not understand the text you are reading, this means that speed-reading is useless. In this context, our program’ s feature not found in many programs is to measure the student's level of understanding. It is measured whether you understand the text or not by being asked you 5- 10 questions related to the text during the comprehension education and the measurement is recorded.

Access to Program from anywhere

Because our program is web-based, you can use the program consistently at home, or at school; at night or daytime by the means of any computer with an internet connection. Whereever you Access to system, system will recognize you and you can continue from where you left education. Moreover, you can use smart tools such as iPad, iPhone, Android.

Simple Interface

The program interface is very simple is designed in a way that everyone can understand by using understandable explanations and titles instead of technical terms.

Teaching Guarantee

We are giving the Teaching Guarantee no any courses and programs can give. We have so much confidence in our Online Speed Reading Program that we refund your money if you do not raise your level of the speed-reading at least two times at the end of education period.

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